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They're Finally Getting Married Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Joyce Weathersby
Released: August 31, 2003 Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Swing Pop-Rock Download Rank: 122
Duration: 2:36  
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CD  "Best of Request - Vol. 2" CD
Artist Comments
Joyce writes, "Jaime and Brad have been dating for over ten years. They're finally getting married on Saturday, August 9." Congrats to Jaime and Brad! I wish them the best. Luckily, this song isn't about them -- it's merely derived from the requested title. Enjoy. --Benj
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They're finally getting married. / It's probably a mistake. / They've got their entire future / Riding on a wedding cake. / They're sending out invitations. / They're picking out potpourri. / They're having no hesitation / Filling up the registry. / [Chorus:] / Who knows how long they'll go on thinking it's great. / If you'd seen what I've seen, then you'd know why they've...gone slow. / Some say it's just stored inertia / From being so close so long. / But just 'cause it doesn't hurt ya / Doesn't mean it isn't wrong. / Or maybe they're low on rice, / And too lazy to buy some more, / He bended one knee and asked her / -- It's quicker than the grocery store. / [Repeat Chorus]
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