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Request-A-Song.com (RAS), as a band and as a site, has quickly gained recognition on the Internet for their unique approach to writing and publishing new music. Raleigh, NC-based brothers Benj and Jeremy Edwards write and record new, original songs based on website visitor suggestions then publish them online in MP3 format. Most of the music is piano- or guitar-based alternative pop-rock with a decidedly quirky twist.

Visitors to the RAS website submit song "requests" consisting of suggested song titles or other interesting phrases. Benj and Jeremy then read the requests, and if one strongly appeals to either of them, they will write, perform, and record a completely original song based on the request, then publish it on the RAS site for either free download or purchase. The resulting songs usually turn out more interesting than anticipated, as the brothers Edwards try to take an unexpected angle on the ideas they receive. Those who submit requests to the site must sign a release that allows RAS to use their submissions without fear of legal trouble.

Request-A-Song.com has been making music since October 1st, 2002, publishing over 130 songs online and releasing their first CD, "Best Of Request - Vol. 1" in July 2003. RAS has been featured in USA Today, on BBC Radio 2, and twice on Billboard.com. Three of their songs, including "The Evil Toucan Sam," and "I Saw Janet Jackson's Boob," have been played numerous times on the "Dr. Demento" radio show. The site's free songs have been downloaded over 600,000 times combined by visitors all over the world. The site can alternately be accessed through the address http://www.requestasong.com .
Jeremy Edwards and Benj Edwards
Jeremy Edwards (left) and Benj Edwards (right):

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Clef Attack!
The motor grader and treble clef image has become the de facto RAS logo over the years.
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Notable Media Appearances
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09-15-2004:   "Steve Wright In The Afternoon" ("Hold The Map" Premiere)
09-09-2004:   "Steve Wright In The Afternoon" BBC Radio 2 Show (WOTD)
08-10-2004:   Yahoo UK Pick Of The Day (Again)
06-16-2004:   Yahoo UK Pick Of The Day
06-06-2004:   Belfast Telegraph (Sunday Life Online)
05-26-2004:   Noticiasdot.com
05-19-2004:   USAToday.com (Hot Site, Web Guide)
03-12-2004:   Ink19.com (Featured Artist)
02-27-2004:   The News & Observer (North Raleigh News)
02-20-2004:   The News & Observer (JJB Song)
02-10-2004:   Billboard.com - The Tangled Web (2nd Appearance)
01-28-2004:   PC World Romania (Link Of The Day)
12-12-2003:   The News & Observer (CD Gift Ideas)
08-08-2003:   The Online Reporter (Issue 357)
07-31-2003:   Wirtualna Polska (Poland)
07-31-2003:   Cdfreaks.com
07-29-2003:   The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)
06-10-2003:   Billboard.com - The Tangled Web
03-20-2003:   Dr. Demento Radio Show (1st DD Appearance)
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