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Floating Heads Don't Care Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Dan
Released: May 23, 2003 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Dark Grind Download Rank: 102
Duration: 3:18  
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CD  "Best of Request - Vol. 2" CD
Artist Comments
This song is about an attempted conversation with one of the many floating heads that you see all the time (in this song's universe). No matter what you tell them, whether important or mundane, they just seem to ignore you. Our first guest musician, Shannon Davidson, plays the clarinet on this one. --Jeremy
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Hello, special orb, / There is news from down below. / You were sleeping on the battlefield / All those years ago. / As you drift along, / Maybe whistling to yourself, / I will rattle off some feelings / That I can't keep to myself. / [Chorus:] / But floating heads just don't care. / But you see them everywhere; / Just try to leave them there. / 'Cause floating heads just don't care. / When you see them everywhere, / You might as well be talking to the air. / I got to name a planet, / I crumpled up my script, / I turned a host of zombies / In this godforsaken crypt. / I drove into the lake, / I cashed another check, / I think I notched my scimitar / On someone's naked neck. / [Repeat Chorus] / [Repeat Chorus] / When you pull them by their hair, / You might as well be talking to the air
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