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Punch The Mayor Jeremy
Jeremy Edwards
Requested by Ben Miller
Released: January 30, 2003 Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Fight the Power Download Rank: 75
Duration: 3:38  
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Artist Comments
This was a brilliant request, and probably my favorite one so far. Ben's idea was to parody an anarchistic punk band song title, so this song, at least partially, mocks those who want to overthrow the government. The viewpoint actually changes throughout the song. --Jeremy
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Sing one song without a statement. / Anarchy is strange to carry on this day and age. / What a waste for a band to fight the system so passively against the pig. / I see how the words lie down, so I punch the mayor's wig. / And that fills the air with powder. / White. Flung by coils of gray returning back to their positions. / Now that didn't do much damage, so I know I have to aim again / for another place and seize the opportunity, so I punch the mayor's face. / We need to have some courage in these times. / All my policies are folding like the reddish evening skies. / So let's get back to the basics of security and cleaner streets if I can win. / And watch out for the man who always wants to punch the mayor's grin. /...and the flashes start to flicker, / people crowd around the stage, hoisting children to their shoulders /as they drag me off to try to solve the mystery of why I need to make a scene. /If their fingers lose their grip, oh, I'll punch the mayor's team.
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