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Baby, The Man is Made of Ivy Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Peter Buckley
Released: January 25, 2003 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Arboreal Doowop Download Rank: 131
Duration: 2:36  
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Artist Comments
Based on an intriguing line submitted by Peter Buckley. This one's dedicated to all you "tree huggers" out there.

Whew.. don't expect this kind of detail very frequently. --Benj
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Baby, you know, the man is made of ivy, / Watch it grow and smother what's below. / Maybe you'll see, if you would stand beside me, / I'm more than just another tree. / I am the oak that stays afloat while the others, water-bound, are falling down around me. / I am the branch that gives you shade in the summer, / your retreat from the heat / [Backing Vocals 1:] / (Climb into my loving arms and we'll be happy here together.) / (Climb into my loving arms and see I'm different than another tree.) / I love the way she climbs upon me and ponders. / Marigold, is there another way to hold you? / But lately she's run off and started to wander all alone. Come back home. / [Backing Vocals 2:] / (What'd she do to me? / Why's she leaving me? / I don't want to know. / I'm no Romeo. / Nothing good is free. / Guess it had to be. / I've got news for you, / This ain't nothing new. / I've been here before, / But this hurts me more. / If I only knew / I'd be missing you.)
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