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Popcorn Papa and the Two-Tongued Platypus Benj
Benj Edwards
Requested by Anonymous
Released: December 11, 2002 Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Frantic Story Download Rank: 120
Duration: 1:10  
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Artist Comments
Direct from an anonymous request. A children's song gone horribly wrong, I suppose. May require a few listenings to understand what is going on. --Benj
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Popcorn Papa and the Two-Tongued Platypus were walking one night down the road. / Popcorn turned and said, "Hey Platty, if I don't use the restroom, I'm gonna explode." / Platty said, "Never fear." / "Don't look now, there's one right here!" / Popcorn said, full of cheer, / "Don't know what you're drinking," / "But I've been drinking beer." / Sixty shots of whiskey, fourteen hours later they were dead. / Some stupid little kids came along, took their money, / shaved off all their fur and hit them upside the head. / Platty said, "Never fear." / "Don't look now, there's one right here!" / Popcorn picked the wrong commode; / And even now they lie there / In the middle of the road.
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