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Author Topic: Alternative Lyrics Thread  (Read 3757 times)
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« on: December 04, 2004, 06:36:34 PM »

Heres a game of sorts. Your mission is to take an existing song or tune, and write your own lyrics to it. If you think it will help you may post a link to a MIDI or low quality mp3 of the song.

Here's mine, it's based on a themetune from a videogame; the underwater theme from the splended Super Mario 64. The underwater levels of that game are sublime, and I wanted to pay tribute, with...er..this:

Moon Window
(To the tune of Koji Kondoís ďDire, Dire Docks ThemeĒ from Super Mario 64)

(Thereís worlds undiscovered
all beyond the sky
taking a photo
wonít show in earth light
Iíve heard of a window
Let me tell you this
Look out of the window
Itís sealed with a kiss
The burdens of fire
donít haunt you in space
Because thereís no oxygen
No problem for us)

Iíve heard that thereís a little window on the moon
You can look out of.
And if you take off all your clothes and show your wings,
Yeah youíll be there soon.
Donít worry Ďbout your mad luck
inhibitions they donít mean much.
Just jump into the water
laugh at your rippled skin.

We just might be able to find some kind of life
And live with them.
And then weíll go and join that crazy party line
(all) Inside a star.

Sleep standing up just talking about things
This universe was made for me and
Watch for your food it is floating

Secondary instrumentation
(Sleep my dear
It is hard to-o sleep up here
When thereís so many beautiful things around.)

You donít need imagination to get there
Thatís because its real
As real as your awestruck little eyes
Be-loved Earth can fail.

Just looking at the menu
Thereís space fast food and drive-throughs
But the stuff they sell is good for you
And the trees canít be cut.

You can send a letter to your chosen God
If there is one
And who knows it might actually be there
Inside the sun.

Hear things flying about at nightime
See the dome that distributes woolens
And feel the magic around your toes and

Stay with me for yearsÖ
(fade out)

I have a very low quality mp3 of this that I could have linked to but the legality of it is a grey area I suppose. I'll let Benj decide whether I should.
MIDI files are okay though. I searched for a MIDi couldn't find a decent one.
Derwood Bowen
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2004, 04:34:28 PM »

You're basically asking us to write parodies.  Nobody's going to do any better at that than Weird Al, though it's interesting to see what people will come up with.  Me, I'm going to be making CD's sooner than you think, at which point, I'll reserve my songs for there.  I've made several parodies of RAS songs, and there's been a thread where I've kept them, and it's here.
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